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Generic Drugs

dollars in bottle of pillsGenerics for many people remain a mystery. It is possible that a word is heard by many, but that’s exactly what it means … Just recently, in June, was published the next portion of the report, the project for the study of drugs users of HealthIndex (among 62.5 million people). So, 63% of respondents didn’t know what the generics are, and another 13% believed that they do not differ from the original drugs.

Theory and practice:

So, generics – are copies of drugs that were patented by their developers, but while they had the opportunity to release their exclusive, the term of patent protection has expired, the manufacturer of the active substance molecule declassified and now anyone can stamp this medicine at the factory, and even to give it their own trade names. Such as generic cialis drug, you can get more information about this generic on this web-site.
The idea is that these copies have the same characteristics of quality, efficacy and safety, as well as the original means. A huge number of pharmaceutical companies involved in the production of generic drugs, including those that come up once the original drug can now repeat them. Theoretically, the differences between generics and original drugs should only be in the price (cheaper copy) and in appearance.
According to the new requirements of the Ministry of Health doctors will prescribe drugs not under the trade / brand name, and under the International Non-proprietary (INN), which reflects the chemical composition of the active component in the medicine. Already a pharmacist in a pharmacy will offer several options – either the original or a whole bunch of generic drugs. And you’ll have to choose.

Truth – in price:

Of course, this match at all times – it’s expensive. But if the original product is replaced by a copy, you will significantly save money. Some generic drugs much cheaper than the original drugs. They were not developed by trial and error over the decades in the laboratory, not at the appointed times ran in rats or rabbits, did not carry out multi-level tightly controlled human trials, did not spend huge resources for promotion of the drug from scratch. They are many and different, because competitors do not give each other perk price. Yes, and it saves the state budget for many health programs.

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